Value First! 

Controlling light at first contact


 ・Learning Objectives

   1) Understanding the source of color and value

   2) Dispelling the myths of translucency

   3) Using common effect to assist in controlling light

   4) How to create both Bright, and Believable restoration


Believe it or not, with today's  restorations being more all ceramic than ever before, it has never been more important to understand and comprehend the principles of reflection, refraction and diffusion.

Though the most prevalent structures, lithium disilicate and zirconia oxide have various degrees of color and translucency, mastery of both correct color and value can often seem hard to achieve simultaneously.  Repeat after me, "Color is color and Value is value".


 Skip uses the most common effects found in natural teeth, ( cracks, halos, and mamalons) in a way that will filter, reflect, and ultimately control, light, color, and value.


Regardless of the core material, Mr. Carpenter's Value first approach in achieving lifelike restorations is not to be missed


About the Instructor: SKIP CARPENTER

Mr. Skip Carpenter was born in Bremerhaven Germany in 1965. 


Soon after his birth his family traveled to the United States where Mr. Carpenter grew up in Charleston South Carolina.  


In 1987 graduated from dental technology and eagerly entered his field of study.  intrigued by the beauty and artistry Mr. Carpenter sought out and learned from any master willing to impart knowledge.


In 1998 he was invited to join Oral Design International, an honor he humbly excepted. 


Today Mr.Carpenter owns and operates Esthetic Design dental laboratory and lectures in the US and Europe to technicians a Dentist on techniques to create a lifelike smile thru passion, vision, and teamwork.