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Implant Position:

A Key Factor in Esthetic and Functional Success


・Learning Objectives 

     1) Digital workflow in complex restoration

     2) Implantposition and its influence on the abutment and pontic design in fixed restorations

     3) Secure treatment of the zirconia framework during sintering and firing, preventing deformation and

         thermal shock.


To attain and maintain a successful long-term fixed implant-supported restoration the implant position and soft tissue management is essential. 


It will be discussed how the esthetic guides the surgical procedures used and how the bone volume should be adjusted.


 Case presentations will demonstrate the concept established in our team including surgical, prosthetic and technical aspects. The preoperative steps of planning and treatment are shown as well as the results we have achieved with this approach.


About the Instructor: JUERGEN MEHRHOF

Born in 1967. Completing his dental technician training in Speyer am Rhein. 


In 1993 his first contact with complex implant supported restorations in Honolulu. Masters degree earned in Berlin in 1996.


Since 1995 he operates his own dental laboratory in Berlin, which is becoming a center of exchange and education with emphasize on new concepts in the "world of dental techniques". Major specialties comprise function, all ceramic restorations and implant supported superstructures in close cooperation with the patient and the dentist considering aesthetic aspects. 


Creation of a concept to rehabilitate patients showing hard- and soft tissue deficiencies with a fixed implant-supported superstructure (Berlin Concept).


Being appointed as a member of Oral Design in 2003. Founding member of “dental excellence- International Laboratory Group”.


National and international lectures and publications since 1999.