Achieving Aesthetic Restorations

for Malaligned Maxillary Anterior Cases


・Learning Objectives 

   1) S Shape Profile and Overcontour

   2) Biologic width

   3) Biotype 

   4) Brushing pressure


Any ceramist has an experience of being asked to fabricate a crown with unnatural morphology when a margin does not follow the ideal crown contour.  This is because marginal fit is absolute, and cannot be ignored for making ideal crown morphology. 


However, by placing the margin subgingivally, ceramists have the opportunity to design the subgingival contour with the crown they fabricate.  As a result, the concept of emergence profile is born. 


Therefore If the ceramists were allowed to design the emergence profile, not only the morphology of the crown, but also that of surrounding gingival architecture: would be able to influence more in the aesthetics and tissue recuperation.


This lecture illustrates how to design the emergence profile to manipulate the scalloped form into natural appearance in the cases of malaligned teeth, where the placement of margins are irregular.   


 About the Instructor: TAKASHI TAKIZAWA

Mr. Takashi Takizawa is a graduated the Dental Technician School at Kanagawa Dental University in Yokosuka, Japan, and completed the post graduate program, Lab Tech School, at the International Dental Academy in Tokyo, Japan in 1995.


During he was a student of the International Dental Academy, he studied under Mr. Yasuhiro Odanaka and Mr. Kenji Uchiumi, who made him decide to be a ceramist.  Mr. Takizawa currently works as a ceramist at Mr. Odanaka’s laboratory, Oral Design SAIUN in Tokyo.