Function: the New Definition of Occlusion

Biofunctional Dynamics because occlusion is the patient fingerprints


We live in a world of constant  movement and evolution.


In the world of function, dynamics means everything. Today, technology  provides us with the tools to evaluate, diagnose, and  treat our patients  in a more comprehensive way and can guarantee  better success and predictability in our restorations. Technology has had  a large  impact in our patient’s  health.

Occlusion is a big part of everyday dental practice. 


Traditional  occlusal concepts that most people practice and  we learned in dental school is based on assumptions of the mandibular dynamics  works. However,  most of the concepts were based on cadaver studies,  anatomical analysis , and manipulated pattern  of movement (bi-manual manipulation by and operator), since the cadavers could not recreate the function of the muscles during a physiologic  functional activity.


Unfortunately  the result of all these variables and  lack of  knowledge in physiology of   the occlusion for the patient,   has taken away the interest of most clinicians and technicians to learn and understand the importance of occlusion in the everyday practice.


Top of the line dentistry as we like involves more than esthetics. We need to be able to have a better capability to understand function and functional dynamics. Every dentist and technician should be an expert in occlusion. It is essential that everyone in dental health should recognize the sign and symptoms and parameters of a healthy occlusion versus dysfunction.


 About the Instructor: JAVIER VASQUEZ

Dr. Javier Vasquez is a researcher, developer of the concept : Biofunctional Dynamic Occlusion, a different perspective of occlusion. He has been trained in all areas related with physiology and occlusion in all different academies of occlusion around the world. 


He has dedicated  this past 10 years to educate dentists all over the world with his lectures and  individual consulting. He has a training center  in Miami where he teaches courses for dentists in different  areas of physiology and occlusion.


Also , KOL for important companies around the world. Pioneer and KOL for SICAT Function, the new technology  from Sirona that integrates CT Scans , high definition digital impressions and JAW Tracking movements in real time. 


This technology has allowed to change multiple dogmas in occlusion and physiology of the airway , cervical spine and cranio cervical components.


Dr. Vasquez has written multiple articles in different magazines in reference to the subject of Biofunctional Dynamics and physiology of occlusion. He endorses  the doctors to use technology to visualize how many of the  dogmas created in occlusion have changed and he presents it with a different perspective.


He is a national and international  speaker  in the areas of craniocervical dynamics, cranio mandibular stability and esthetics. 


For multiple years he has been involved in the laboratory business  creating an specialized dental laboratory for Doctors that follow his thoughts in occlusion and function . He develops and plans full mouth rehabilitations and coaches the  Doctors during the process of the cases from the diagnostic phase in consulting all the way to the insertion , final details,   adjustments and coronoplasty.



He is member of the world renowned unique group  Oral Design International, and he is one of the 4 dentists in the world that are members of this organization.