September 15 | Theme: Anterior Esthetics & Tissue Management | Chairperson: Pihas Adar

  9:00AM -   9:10AM   Willi Geller & Bodel Sjoholm     Opening Remarks

  9:10AM -   9:55AM   Olivier Tric           "Precision in Fixed Prosthodontics:

                                                                       A quest to reach the highest level on a daily basis"

10:00AM - 10:45AM   Javier Vasquez    "Function the new definition of occlusion:

                                                                       Biofunctional Dynamics"

10:45AM - 11:15AM   COFFEE BREAK

11:15AM - 12:30PM   Maki Tolomenis & Claus-Peter Schulz      "Friendship Through Passion"

12:30PM -   1:30PM   LUNCH

  1:30PM -   2:25PM   Takashi Takizawa         "Achieving Aesthetic Restorations for

                                                                                  Malaligned Maxillary Anterior Case "

  2:30PM -   3:25PM   Yasuhiro Odanaka        "Ovate Pontic"

  3:25PM -   4:00PM   COFFEE BREAK

  4:00PM -   4:45PM   Eric Van der Winden    "Achieving Strong and Natural Esthetics

                                                                                  with cutback pressed crowns and veneers "

  4:50PM -   5:35PM   Skip Carpenter              "Value First! Controlling the Light at First Contact"


 September 16 | Theme: Interdisciplinary| Chairperson: Monte Tourville 

  9:00AM -   9:45AM    Juergen Mehrhof        Implant Position: A Key Factor in Esthetic

                                                                                  and Functional Success 

  9:50AM - 10:35AM   Juvenal Souza Neto       Planning in Oral Rehabilitation -

                                                                                  Oral and Aesthetic Function 

10:35AM - 11:00AM COFFEE BREAK 

11:00AM - 11:45PM   Naoki Aiba                       DENTSCAPETM: Dental Photography for

                                                                                Dentist-Laboratory Communication

11:50AM - 12:35PM   Javier Perez                    Criteria for Material Selection and

                                                                                Fabrication Technique in the Esthetic Zone        

12:35PM -   1:40PM   LUNCH

  1:40PM -   2:55PM   Bogdan & Nazariy Mykhaylyuk     Minimally invasive prosthetics.

                                                                                                      Team approach 

  2:55PM -   3:30PM   COFFEE BREAK

  3:30PM -   4:15PM   Luke Hasegawa         Strength and Optical Properties of the Incisal Third 

  4:20PM -   5:20PM   Willi Geller                   Oral Design 

  7:30PM -               GALA at Loews Governors Ballroom