Friendship through passion


 ・Learning Objectives 

    1) Anterior

    2) Aesthetics

    3) Full mouth rehabilitation


Friendship through passion. We are two dental technician, who loves and share their passion for the dental technology. We both have different views of aesthetic and different solution to solve cases but combine it in one lecture. 


About the Instructor: Claus-Peter Schulz 

Claus-Peter Schulz born 1982 in Karlsruhe/Germany. Apprenticeship as a dental technician from 1999-2003. He worked as a dental technician in Baden-Baden in his fathers laboratory. In 2007 he moved to Stuttgart and worked in the laboratory of Peter Biekert where he collected experience in ceramics. In 2010 he graduated from the Master dental technician school. 2011 he and his brother started there own business in Baden-Baden/Germany.


From 2006-2012, he visited several courses of Andreas Nolte, Hubert Schenk, Michel Magne, Sascha Hein, Thomas Sing and Murilo Calgaro.


About the Instructor: Maki Tolomenis 

Maki Tolomenis born 1979 in Duisburg. Apprenticeship as a dental technician at the dental laboratory of Martin Gerardi from 1997-2001. Permanently appointed there as a dental technician from 2001-2002. After that he worked at the laboratory Experident in Essen from 2002-2016.


Currently employed at the dental laboratory Hands in Essen.