"Precision in Fixed Prosthodontics:

A quest to reach the highest level on a daily basis"


Precision, while often overlooked, is a critical key in creating a restoration of the highest quality. Not only does it ensure longevity, but also allows one to be more efficient in the process preventing future problems. In this lecture, Olivier will be showcasing in detail the importance of precision in fixed dental prosthodontics and his methods on how to achieve the best results on a consistent basis.



 About the Instructor: OLIVER TRIC 

Olivier Tric began his studies in France at the College of Leonardo De Vinci and the University of Pharo while concurrently pursuing an apprenticeship in Dental Technology. After a 5 year apprenticeship, he launched a 15+ year career devoted to a thorough understanding of the principles of Dental Aesthetics and the mastery of specialized techniques in Dental Laboratory Technology. His specialties include all facets of porcelain restorations on both natural teeth and osseointegrated implants. He is recognized by his peers as a pioneer in the industry by developing new and unique methodologies that are taught worldwide. He currently owns and operates a boutique dental laboratory in Chicago and teaches internationally on a regular basis.